Uncover the secrets of the PR experts to get your business in the media!

Are you sick of seeing your competitors in the media?

Do you want to get your business in the media but don’t know where to start? 

Are you lacking the skills and knowledge to run your own PR program?

Public relations can be daunting for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small and medium sized businesses. There just isn’t that much information out there about how to run your own PR program, outside of completing a university degree. If you do decide to work with the experts, PR agency costs are usually upwards of $5,000 a project – often well out of reach for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.  

PR 4 SMEs is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to run your own successful PR program at a fraction of the cost.  

In this course you’ll learn how to develop your PR plan, how to write and distribute a media release, how to pitch journalists, how to leverage social media and much more.

About the teacher

Heather Marano is the Founder and Director of Specialist SME marketing consultancy, Green Door Co, based in Sydney, Australia.

Over the last decade she has worked with over 60 small and medium sized businesses on their PR and marketing programs. She even picked up a B&T 30 Under 30 award in the PR & Marketing category in 2015.  

Heather understands the challenges that entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs face when it comes to upskilling in PR - because she has been through it herself. 

Early in her career, without having studied PR or had any training in it, she was tasked with heading up PR for a not for profit. Suddenly, she was responsible for a high stakes national PR program involving a big corporate sponsor and the roll out of media events involving politicians across the country. 

Thrown in the deep end, she quickly realised there weren’t any real avenues to learn the fundamentals of PR - to give her the confidence and tools she needed. Many years on, this is what has inspired her to launch PR 4 SMEs - to help unlock the secrets of PR for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. 


Public relations is one of the best avenues for start-ups and SMEs to kickstart their growth. However, most don't know where to start when it comes to managing their own PR. PR 4 SMEs packs so much value into one course. With practical worksheets, templates and examples, as well as engaging video lessons, the course provides all the tools needed to establish and launch a PR program, while giving start-ups and SMEs the confidence to hit the ground running. 

Rick Chisholm Founder and Director InnovestSME

The course helped to demystify PR, and how it can be applied to any business. It helped me build confidence in pitching to media, and what topics to pitch. Super easy to understand and apply to your business, with step by step worksheets and extra resources. Would definitely recommend. 

Tanya Doherty Holistic Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Specialist BeachFit and Wellbeing 

PR 4 SMEs is a well structured course and thus makes for an easy learning experience. The course has a great blend of theory and practice which makes it a great resource. The otherwise complex knowledge of PR is put in very simple terms and hence can be mastered easily.

Tarun Chhauda Copywriter and Communications Professional Incredible Writer


MODULE 1 | 3 lessons

What is Public Relations?

In this module we explore the theory of public relations (PR) and get you started on your PR journey.

Includes 3 lessons + 9 learning resources and worksheets

MODULE 2 | 6 lessons 

Developing a Public Relations Plan

In this module we take you through a step by step process to develop a comprehensive PR plan. 

Includes 6 lessons + 14 learning resources, worksheets and templates

MODULE 3 | 2 lessons

The Media Landscape

In this module we explore the media landscape in Australia and globally. 

Includes 2 lessons + 9 learning resources, worksheets and templates

MODULE 4 | 5 lessons

How to Engage with the Media

In this module we explore how to engage with the media - from developing a media list, to distributing a media release, contributing opinion articles and pitching story angles. 

Includes 5 lessons + 18 learning resources, worksheets, templates and examples

MODULE 5 | 2 lessons

Before You Approach the Media

In this module we look at what you need to consider before approaching the media. 

Includes 2 lessons + 5 learning resources and worksheets

MODULE 6 | 3 lessons

Landing a Media Opportunity

In this module we examine what you should do once you've landed a media opportunity including preparing for a media interview.

Includes 3 lessons + 15 learning resources and templates

MODULE 7 | 2 lessons

Public Relations and New Media  

In this module we look at the difference between new media and traditional media, and how to integrate new media into your PR plan. 

Includes 2 lessons + 14 learning resources and templates


What is PR 4 SMEs?  

PR 4 SMEs is an online course designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to run your own successful PR program. The course covers the theory and foundations of PR, through to the practical components of executing your PR plan. Each lesson is delivered via video and includes a range of worksheets, templates, examples and other information.  

Is PR 4 SMEs for Australian students only?  

No, only three lessons in PR 4 SMEs contain some Australian specific content. The majority of the content is relevant globally.

How long can I access the PR 4 SMEs course for? 

When you buy PR 4 SMEs you get lifetime access. When we update the course with new content down the track you will be given the option to upgrade.  

Who teaches the PR 4 SMEs course? 

PR 4 SMEs is taught by Heather Marano, Director and Founder of Specialist SME marketing consultancy Green Door Co. Over the last decade Heather has worked for and with over 60 small and medium sized businesses on their PR and marketing programs. Her work was recognised with a B&T PR & Marketing 30 Under 30 award in 2015.  

Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee? 

Yes. If you’re not 100% satisfied we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  

Who is PR 4 SMEs for? 

PR 4 SMEs has been designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs who want to manage their own PR. It is also relevant for marketers who want to upskill in PR. If you’re already a PR expert, this course probably isn’t right for you.  

How long does the PR 4 SMEs course take to complete? 

We recommend completing the course at your own pace. The time the course will take to complete will depend on the student and the particular PR 4 SMEs package. To give an idea, the full course would take up to 3 hours to view the videos, but you will also need to factor in time to complete the worksheets and templates, and to review examples and learning resources. The time this will take will vary from student to student but we recommend allocating at least 1-2 hours per worksheet and template as well as at least 1 hour per lesson to review examples and other learning resources.  

Is the PR 4 SMEs course accessible via mobile or other devices?

Yes. PR 4 SMEs can be completed via mobile, tablet or desktop.  

How do I ask questions or get help with the PR 4 SMEs course? 

You will have access to our exclusive PR Mentoring Facebook group where you can ask questions about the course or your PR program, connect with other students or share your progress. 

If you have any technical or account questions you can contact us at  

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